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Supermarkets sell meat products that contains no meat


Do you really think a ham hock or a bacon flavour crumbles could be vegetarian. In many of the UK’s upmarket stores, they are. Consumer website Can I Eat It? Founder Martin Isark has found ten items sold in UK’s supermarket that have meat labels on their name, yet free of any meat or fish. The consumer watchdog warns that this could confuse meat eater and vegetarians alike. Most of these products use artificial flavourings to create the taste of fish and meat without even using tiniest amount of real things.

Products from Waitrose, Asda and Walkers are among the ten that have been identified. Waitrose ham hock & English mustard crisps is a totally meat free sausage which has no ham in it. Having said, none of these products are either harmful of law breaking, Martin Isark said. These are just misleading branding. He described it as ‘creative and dishonest labelling by multi-billion pound companies’ adding: ‘They shouldn’t be able to trick shoppers by adding meat and fish to the labels this way.’

10 meaty snacks without meat

1. Waitrose ham hock & English mustard crisps: Ingredients: mustard, potatoes, cayenne pepper, but no ham.
2. The Crouton Co smoky bacon flavour oven bake croutons: Ingredients: wheat flour, bacon flavour seasoning, sea salt, but no bacon.
3. Pot Noodle sausage casserole flavour: Ingredients: noodles, flavour enhancers and tomato paste, but no sausages.
4. Asda Chosen By You meaty variety crisps (beef & onion, smoky bacon, roast chicken): Ingredients: ‘beef and onion flavour’, ‘smoky bacon flavour’ and ‘roast chicken flavour’ but no beef, no bacon and no chicken.
5. Batchelors Super Rice Beef flavour: Ingredients: rice, dried vegetables, flavour enhancers but no beef.
6. Walkers crispy coated peanuts smoky bacon: Ingredients: smoky bacon flavour, colour, peanuts but no bacon.
7. Seabrooks crinkle cut Canadian ham potato crisps: Ingredients: potatoes, honey powder and ‘smoke flavouring’ but no ham.
8. PBMG bacon flavour crumbles: Ingredients: vegetable oil, sugar, ‘smoke flavourings’ but no bacon.
9. Golden Wonder ‘normous’ noodle pot chicken & mushroom flavour: Ingredients: dried noodles, dried vegetables and mushroom extract powder but no chicken.
10. Doritos BBQ rib tortilla chips: Ingredients: corn, acidity regulator and smoke flavouring, but no meat.

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