Supermarkets in Brazil want to stay open on Sundays

Supermarkets in Brazil want to stay open on Sundays

Supermarket owners in Greater Vitória, a metropolitan area in southeastern Brazi and governor Paulo Hartung joined together to discuss the deadlock regarding the opening of stores on Sundays and holidays, which has been a host issue among businessmen and workers in the sector.

The president of the Trade Federation of Espírito Santo (Fecomércio), José Lino Sepulchri, pointed out that since 2009 businessmen and traders have decided not to open on Sundays, but that a change in the rule can be revised for this year’s agreement.

“In 2009 we lived another moment, the economy was better than now and we came to the conclusion that it would not be necessary to open on Sundays, so it was better for everyone. Today the scenario is different, it is a period of crisis and the merchant wants to sell. Maybe it’s time to rethink the subject, “says José Lino.

The Collective Agreement 2015/2016, in which it was agreed to close supermarkets on Sundays, won a week ago, on October 31, and since then the rules established by the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) have been in force. Thus, stores have legal support to open on Sundays, but are prevented from running on holidays until a new agreement with the working class is signed.

The superintendent of the Capixaba Supermarkets Association (Acaps), Hélio Hoffmann Schneider, reinforces that studies are already being done to evaluate the feasibility of returning to work on Sundays.

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