Supermarkets Fear Amazon Go

Amazon’s internet business has remarkable value today and slowly & steadily it is set to enter the Food retail industry as well Amazon Go – first supermarket ever that allows customers to purchase groceries without proper checkouts.  


Amazon is changing ways how we purchase groceries. Now customers do not have to stand in huge lines with their trolleys full of goods. People just have to swipe their cards while entering the supermarket and with the help of camera and sensors they are directly billed on their cards. Its as if the camera knows what all you have picked up and bill’s it on your card. They will give you bills and receipts of what you have purchased while you exit the store.


There is only one requirement that people should have Amazon Go app installed in their phone’s and linked to their amazon accounts. This drastic change, on how we purchase our requirements has turned out to be a nightmare for all other supermarkets including Tesco and Sainsbury.


However, there is a difference between food and electronics or books. Amazon entered the industry of books and electronics as huge giant having a business model. Food retail requires a level of expertise.


Amazon operated providing fresh groceries online in United States for a decade. The new technology attracts customers and has brought in competition. It still does not need to cut a swathe through the retail sector in order to gain success, with the right business model and logistics it can pose great threats.