Supermarket takes off magazine featuring naked cover image from sales


Australian supermarket chain Coles has removed Harper’s Bazaar magazine from sales following the customer dissatisfaction over the naked Miranda Kerr’s cover image.  The former Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr bared all for the holiday issue cover photo shoot. The magazine which was made public on December 14th drew criticism from many quarters.

Supermarket Coles announced that it would take out almost 3000 copies of the Harper’s Bazaar Magazine from the company’s 800 odd stores. Many of the customers complained about the new magazine cover. Customers found themselves in severe embarrassment when walked in with children for shopping. Many of them asked the store managers to remove the magazines, a local newspaper reports.

When quizzed about the magazine removal incident, Kellie Hush, editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar commented that the incident and new cover image helped the magazine gain more audience. She said until before the niche fashion magazine has never been featured in ABC Radio. The radio called her to talk about the new cover controversy.

She included that she don’t want anything to damage the brand and the current cover, she believes, do not damage the luxury magazine. Hush stated the current developments disappointing, but backed it saying that she was very proud of it. She praised the photographer Steven Chee for taking the amazing photo shoot for the cover.  Also the magazine authorities said that the current incidents would not check them from pushing boundaries.