supermarket recalls salads after plastic was found


Dutch supermarket Deen has removed salads from its rack after it was found that a piece of plastic has entered the trays in the production process. The recall affect  “smikkel salade ‘of the brand with the expiration date March 2nd. Total recall about 300 containers. Customers are advised to return to the salad to the store. They will get their money back, the supermarket said in an announcement. People have advised not to eat the salads because of suffocation threats. Dane has 70 stores, most in North Holland.

Recently, Candy manufacturer Mars took millions of bars worldwide back after plastic in the Mars factory in Veghel had arrived in the bars. This was also in Netherlands. The affected products include Mars, Snickers and Milky Way in different sizes and packaging Celebrations and Mini Mix with an expiration date between June 19, 2016 and January 8, 2017. This was made public when a customer in Germany found a plastic in a mini-Snickers in February. That piece of plastic was found to be from a closure cap of a pipeline.