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Sugar tax can save 3.7 million Britons from obesity



The proposed sugar tax would save an estimated 3.7 million Britons from obesity in the next ten years, research suggests. Charity organisations Cancer Research UK and UK Health Forum in a joint report stated that unless an action is taken to curb sugar intake, 34 percent of the population will be obese by 2025. As of now 29 percent of the British population are obese now. According to the organizations could be prevented this increase with a tax of 20 percent on sugary drinks.

In addition, the organizations estimate that a sugar tax would provide a saving of 10 million pounds (12.9 million euros) per year in national healthcare  by 2025. “Obesity is after smoking the biggest preventable cause of cancer,” reads one of the statement. A range of organizations and politicians has already supported the measure, as well as TV chef Jamie Oliver who instituted a tax on sugar in his own restaurant chain. According to a survey by Cancer Research which was conducted among 1,774 Britons almost 55 percent voted in favor of sugar tax.

This or next month, the British expect a government memorandum on tackling childhood obesity. National targets have seen the measure of salt in a few food falls by up to 50 percent in 10 years, with a general 15 percent diminishment in levels of utilization, which is thought to have spared a huge number of lives.  Teacher Graham MacGregor, Chair of Action on Sugar said: “We have to change the substance of our food which thus will change our palates, so our receptors get used to less sugary nourishments.

Campaigners are calling for changes in the sugar content in the food and beverage sold in Britain’s general stores in an offer to wean the general population off its sweet tooth. Food makers ought to split the measure of sugar in their items in an offer to wean Britain off its sweet tooth, campaign group Action on Sugar said.

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