Strike this weekend over pay and conditions in two stores of Tesco

Staff plan to strike tomorrow for the first time. While the Mandate Trade Union claims Tesco has not engaged with them in an effort to resolve the dispute, Tesco staff in Sligo and Carrick-on-Shannon are striking this weekend in a row walking off the job for the third time this month over pay and conditions.

John Douglas, Mandate General Secretary, said: “It is unfortunate that our members are forced to strike yet again due to Tesco’s continued refusal to engage with their workers’’. And he added: “We hope the public will understand the necessity for our members to defend their interests and put the blame firmly where it belongs, with Tesco management”

Tesco released a statement saying they are extremely disappointed with the strike action. And reacting to the strike they said “This series of one-day strikes is entirely out of proportion as these are local disputes involving local issues that don’t warrant such disruption in Christmas week. Despite the strikes, our stores will remain open today and Saturday and we thank our colleagues and our customers for their co-operation.”