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Strike sweeps the shelves at Edeka in Berlin


However there are some products put on the shelves, yet you can see clearly that there is a note tells you that staff are on strike.The staff explains to the customer that the background is a break with the food drivers.

The other shelves of the market, however, are well filled. Signs like this on the Hasenheide but have also appeared at other Berlin Edeka branches. At the corporate headquarters of Edeka, questions about the vacancy rates on the shelves of the Berlin branches are answered rather cautiously.

“We as Edeka rely on constructive collective bargaining. We are currently in the middle of the negotiation phase and are optimistic about finding a good degree. In principle, Edeka Minden-Hannover will ensure the supply of Edeka stores by alternative means, “says company spokeswoman Bettina Stolt

But that does not seem to have worked out so well with full shelves. Verdi negotiator Erika Ritter can not completely conceal her thieving joy at the long-term impact of the strike: “This time we really surprised her and now they are still nibbling at the consequences.”


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