Stars use Global hair UK

British star gave a new life to his mane to appear at the top at a charity gala in London …
There are just a few days, the famous panther catwalk, Naomi Campbell was photographed while vacationing in Ibiza, enjoying the delights of the sea onboard a yacht … But for once, this is not her statuesque body that attracted all the attention, but just his hair! In fact, the top model is 42 years against all odds appeared balding, with a dramatic loss of hair on the forehead.
Photos that have been around the world, but the British star will soon make us forget a sudden appearances glam! Moreover yesterday (Thursday, 9 August), Naomi was back on the red carpet at the charity dinner Olympic Dinner Party organized in association with the Foundation for Relief and Fashion Interview magazine, side Downtown Mayfair in London. ..
Silky mane (and very well camouflaged pattern baldness), elegant long dress and smiling up, Miss Campbell has successfully faced criticism!


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