It is known that Starbucks is acquiring a big part of the coffee retailing trade  in the U.S and it has made some deals with some other European retailers to expend in Europe. yet these kind of deals are known to be severe in some levels, especially when it comes to the fate of its staff who are working in the U.S.


the Giant coffee retailer has announced lately that it is letting-go around 350 of its staff most of them are from Seattle headquarter, it has been stated by the retailer that it is just part of a reorganization to make it simple. Actually this is more than that for the jobless staff.


Johnson wrote in the memo. “Every single decision was made after very careful consideration … And while incredibly difficult, they came as a result of work that has been eliminated, deprioritised or shifting ways of working within the company,” .


It is high time Starbucks recognized the social and economical status of its staff !

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