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Spaniards prefer online shopping for fashion and tech


Around 88% of Spaniards considers online shopping the ideal choice when buying fashion, leisure, travel and technology. According to a survey conducted by vente-privee, a French ecommerce company that pioneered the model of online flash sales, one in three Spaniards used the online web stores to buy products at discount prices. The report was released ahead of the world savings day, which falls on October 31st.

Specifically, for most respondents, the main advantage of the Internet is that you can compare prices and choose the cheapest option (57%). Regarding the amount of savings, 68% of Spaniards ensures that the Internet allows you to save between 10% and 20% on their purchases.  While one in four believed that it could save between 30% and 40%.

The study emphasizes that fashion (72%), leisure and travel (67%) and technology (33%) are the products that come out cheaper when shopped online. The Spaniards try to save a part of their salary. 41% of of the participants in the survey said they would keep 10% of the payroll as savings every month.

Nearly one in four of those under 35 get to save 30%, while 57% of those over this age saves 10% of salary or pension. Sixty one percent of Spaniards uses their savings for travel, while 41% spend it to buy a house and the same percentage saves it for luxury. Regarding the preferred method of saving money, 86% prefers a savings account with a bank, 13% save it as cash in their homes and 9% invests in assets that can be profitable as real estate, gold or art.

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