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Spain, Carrefour takes measures to reduce the use of plastic in its stores

he French supermarket chain Carrefour has decided to take measures to reduce and eliminate the use of plastic in the packaging of its products. Measures that are produced as a result of the direct listening of consumers, increasingly aware of the damages that are caused by the use of these materials as resistant as polluting agents.

According to the Gala company, the aim is to reduce plastic consumption by more than 80% with some initiatives. It will be a progressive process that has already begun with the deletion in the fruit and vegetable sections of the organic stores. Instead, sustainable materials, such as cardboard or cellulose, will be used. Plastic jars of olives or other pickles will also be replaced by glass jars. In addition, meshes will be used at fruit sales counters.

Sources close to Carrefour, have confirmed that these actions will also be developed in the supermarkets of Almeria and that they will begin to take place simultaneously at the national level. In the same way, these changes in the packaging will not suppose any additional cost for the customers that frequent the supermarket and it has been reiterated that there will not be variations in the products, only in the packaging and in the labeling.

Carrefour, which was already a pioneer in allowing its customers to bring their own packaging for home purchases in the sections of charcuterie, fish, butcher and fruit and vegetables, has now proposed the creation of a club of “customers committed to the environment ┬╗To produce a collective response against this ecological crisis that plastic waste is producing.

The aforementioned proposal, that awareness of the need for both buyers and sellers, put their two cents to reduce the use of these compounds that infest our seas, takes close enough to Almeria. In fact, the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most polluted in the world, so this type of initiative should be an extra incentive to take care of our environment and to maintain the cleanliness and clarity that characterize the beaches of the coast of Almeria.


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