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Spain, Carrefour now has more than 2,000 bioproducts

Carrefour is already the distributor with the largest number of bio and vegetarian products in Spain, with more than 2,000 items, and the only one to facilitate a comprehensive purchase with these products.

The company, with its Carrefour Bio brand, constantly incorporates novelties such as the assortment of creams made with fresh vegetables, gluten-free and 100% Spanish origin.

Within its own brand, you can also find products such as tofu, derived from soybeans that have a high protein content and very low sugars. It also offers three references of bio seeds: golden flax, sesame and chia, all of them a source of fibre and vegetable protein. In addition, chia and flax with a source of Omega 3 with a greater contribution in these heart-healthy fatty acids. On the other hand, the company also markets quinoa, a pseudocereal whose nutritional property to highlight is undoubtedly its protein content.

The chain also has a variety of Carrefour Bio vegetable drinks: oats, rice, almonds and soybeans, all of them made in Spain and made with ingredients from organic production.

Carrefour Bio has been a pioneer in Spain in the democratization of the bio world since 2002. Its 300 own-brand bio food items are certified according to European organic production standards and identified by the European organic products logo.


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