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Spain, Alert of scams by SMS or phone call on behalf of Lidl

The Ertzaintza has detected scams in Euskadi by supplanting the identity of the Lidl supermarket chain. Scammers contact their victims via SMS or phone call indicating that they have received a gift from this chain of supermarkets, and with this excuse ask for their personal data and their credit cards, to use in the subscription of online games of payment.

The Ertzaintza recommends not to provide personal data in case of doubt and to consult beforehand with the company that offers the promotion. Also, to denounce in case of receiving a fraudulent call or SMS or suspicious of being it.

In the last dates, the Ertzaintza has collected four complaints in Donostia, Gasteiz and Getxo for scams in which it is supplanted to the supermarket chain Lidl. There could be more cases not registered. The scam involves sending the victims an SMS or making a phone call on behalf of Lidl in which they are told they have been awarded a gift. Then they request their personal data and their credit cards with the excuse of charging the shipping costs of that gift. Later they use this information to subscribe them in online games of payment. Some of these scams have been carried out from the following two telephone numbers: +34 647783929 and +34 647784194.

This type of scams has been occurring periodically at the state level since 2015. The chain’s security services collaborate with the Ertzaintza to prevent and investigate this type of fraud.

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