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Sonae and Serralves launched a design contest to create the image from the joint project

The designers Margarida Vilhena, Filipe Cardigos and Sérgio Gameiro were the authors of the
selected work which is going to be used in all project communication
In 2012, Sonae and Fundação de Serralves hosted the Sonae / Serralves project’s second edition.
This initiative brings a Portuguese and an international artist together who after an artistic
residency in Porto will present the result of their work in an exposition.
This project is the product of a partnership between Fundação de Serralves and Sonae which is,
as part of its corporate responsibility policy, searching to promote creativity and innovation, to
stimulate new trends and to bring art and society closer together.
Project Sonae/Serralves 2012 edition incorporated a new element: the image to be used to
communicate was to be selected through a contest. The aim of this contest was to promote
young national talents in the design area, increasing the country’s Creative mass and
The objective was to create a graphic concept including a logo. The winning proposition was
proposed by the designers Margarida Vilhena, Filipe Cardigos and Sérgio Gameiro, and it will be
adapted to billboards, mupis, invitations and the project micro-site, among others.
Catarina Oliveira Fernandes, Head of Communication, Brand and Corporate Responsibility claims
that “ Portugal is a country filled with great talents and Sonae, whilst market leader in its
business, has the responsibility of contributing to showcase what is done best in Portugal,
stimulating creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. The Sonae/Serralves project is an
example of how it is possible to incentivise youngsters to go further, opening new horizons and
thus promoting social development”.
The Museu de Serralves Director, João Fernandes emphasizes that “In its second edition, the
Sonae / Serralves project is already recognized as an unavoidable opportunity in our country for
the production and presentation of young artists’ name, foreigners and Portuguese, contributing
indisputably to the publicity of names that are starting to be internationally recognized, as well
as to emerge and affirmation of new projects in the national artistic scene.

More information about the Sonae/Serralves project 2012 edition:
Sonae/Serralves project’s objective is promoting national art, linking it to the international
artistic scene at the same time as supporting the production of new work, thinking specifically
towards this contest. The Sonae/Serralves project offers the artists, national and international,
conditions to produce new pieces and the possibility of presenting them in an exposition.

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