Social Media after Tesco’s Bananas

On average each person in the UK eats 10kg bananas a year, which allows bananas to be at the top of the list of the most popular fruits and vegetables in the UK.

Unfortunately, Bananas made also the list of  items that received a premium at the Tesco Metro stores. The price, increasing from 10p-15p per banana according to its weight to 25p as a fixed cost, caused an uprising amongst customers on social media.

What has changed

  •    The substantial change that marked the cost of bananas at Tesco is that the retailer opted to charge per fruit unit instead of it habitual practice of charging per weight. This has resulted in more than double the bill of bananas at the store. Indeed, Tesco customers used to purchase one kilogram of bananas for 76p which would equal 10p to 15p per banana.

         Now, charging per fruit unit, one banana costs 25p. Express stores have been implementing this tarification for quite some time now tesco metro stores are alining with them.

Tesco’s response

First reported in The Mirror, the premium provoked such a wave of anger from Tesco’s customers on social media that the supermarket chain had to issue a clarification on this heated topic.

On top of the list of the reasons behind  the premium was the ‘more expressive’ leases of its in-town stores. Tesco, with almost 3,500 stores in the UK of which around 2,700 are convenience stores, including 1,749 Express shops, 776 One-Stop, and 172 Metro stores, commented that its in-town were in prime, central locations where the leases are expressive.

Tesco has no intention to implement the change to its larger stores.