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Small blunders keeps Lidl in top of news makers


The German giant, pocket-friendly supermarket unveiled an eye-catching banner in Warrington that proclaims the details of a new outlet which is going to launch earlier this week. Anyhow, the notice features an unintentional  remark that states the store ‘Opens 3th November’. A customer has now photographed the Lidl sign and shared it on Reddit where it is getting much popularity.

Some contributors jumped to defend the designer and tried to explain how the mistake came in. One optimistic user wrote that this work is guaranteed to be done by one-person depot of design, communications, marketing, minute taking and coffee-running; may be the opening date could have changed on him/her; thereby reducing the ability to see even the most obvious of errors.

According to shoppers this isn’t the first shop that has confused customers. Star Food & wine, a convenience store on Ball’s Pond Road in Dalston, unveiled a banner that reads it will open for 25 hours a day, an hour more than our daily time allowance.

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