Slovenia’s biggest supermarket chain Mercator has backed off its decision to stop selling Israeli produce. There were reports that the supermarket chains decided to let go all Israeli produce, including pomelos, dates and avocados, from its stores couple of days back.

Slovenia supermarket backs off decision to quit selling Israeli produce


The Slovenian Embassy in Israel said in an announcement: “There is no Slovenian boycott on Israeli products. The agreements between the European Union and Israel are the basis of Israel’s special status in its relations with Slovenia as well. The government of Slovenia has not held stocks in Mercator since 2014. The ties between Israel and Slovenia have always been good and are characterized by vast cooperation, mostly in the fields of economics, science, research, advanced technologies, and tourism.”

Slovenia’s biggest supermarket chain Mercator to The Slovenian government holds shares in the chain. The Slovenian ambassador to Israel was for the current week summoned for a meeting at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, where senior service authorities clarified the earnestness with which Israel sees the issue. Israel’s Ambassador to Slovenia, Shmuel Meirom, is required to touch base in the nation soon keeping in mind the end goal to raise the issue with Slovenia’s Foreign Ministry, and additionally with Mercator’s administration.

In 2014, the chain endeavored to blacklist Israeli “JAFFA”- marked grapefruits, again taking after weight from BDS activists. Taking after escalated endeavors by the Israeli Foreign Ministry and Israel supporters in Slovenia, the chain reestablished it’s promoting of Israeli-marked items, an activity that now appears to have fizzled.

Last November, the KaDeWe retail chain in Berlin – the second greatest in Europe – turned around its choice to blacklist items from the settlements and the Golan Heights, saying that items named thusly would come back to the racks. In August, Luxembourg’s greatest general store chain, Cactus, chose to quit offering Israeli products of the soil until they could have affirmation that the produce did not originate from the West Bank.  The chain’s administration had succumbed to weight from activists with a pro Palestinian association that had held boisterous shows in their stores.