Skilled data scientists are hard to find: Ocada DC


Ocado’s technology segment, which employs over 1000 developers, engineers, scientists and researchers have to compete with technology giants such a Google for learning expertise as it creates new Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in-house. Demand for data scientists is increasing among the enterprises in UK and staff with doctorates in areas such as natural language processing, computer vision and deep learning techniques are highly sought after by certain companies.

Ocado’s data chief Daniel Nelson told that the people with those skills are very hard to find, they are indeed a finite set. It is a hot market he told. If you need somebody who has a doctorate inside of natural language or vision or these kind of deep learning methods, it is very, very hard. It is indeed a very competitive market. Nelson added that the company is now looking abroad for data scientists in some cases. He further told that he has a vriety of PhD alumni working in our data science stream. But no one had got natural language as a background. So access to machine learning tools democratises that.