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Singapore supermarket lost $120,000 on trolleys



The third largest chain of supermarkets in Singapore Sheng Siong loses 90 metal trolleys and 180 plastic ones over its outlets each month.  That interprets into a stunning $120,000 loss on just trolleys. Furthermore, this supermarket chain is not the only one. In the previous two years, NTUC FairPrice lost around 1,000 trolleys every year over more than 90 stores they operate in.

The grocery store chain said it spends around $150,000 every year on repairing, supplanting and recovering abandoned trolleys. Sheng Siong said a few clients do return the trolleys, however not promptly, after use.  Be that as it may, in 2012, NTUC FairPrice lost just around 800 trolleys crosswise over more than 80 stores, proposing an ascent in the quantity of unreturned trolleys when contrasted to 2014 and 2015.

For the supermarkets, store workers recover the trolleys from adjacent housing estates, asphalts and taxi stands now and then. Clients are required to store a one-dollar coin into the metal trolley when they acquire one from Sheng Siong general store, yet plastic ones don’t require any store. Similarly, NTUC FairPrice grocery stores’ trolleys require a deposite of either a one-dollar coin from the old coin series or a 50-penny coin from the new coin series. In spite of the series of un returned trolleys, Sheng Siong has not yet made any police reports in this regard.

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