Shoppers steal plastic carry bags worth £26.7 Million after 5p charge became law



During last three months, after the supermarkets in UK began to charge 5p for plastic carry bags, shoppers have stolen plastic carry bags worth £26.7 Million from supermarket checkouts. An average of three carry bags was nicked per person every month.

According to a study conducted by the website, more than half of the supermarket customers at some point during the three months lifted more than 520 Million plastic carry bags. More than a third stole a carry bag as they trusted the new legislation was a cash making exercise for stores and a quarter conceded they didn’t pay up as they despised the expense.

One in five admitted they didn’t think anybody would see on the off chance that they collected a bag with staple goods yet didn’t hack up. What’s more, a comparative number said they took one as they didn’t have 5p in change.  Just about two in ten uncovered they had seen the customer in front leave with a bag without paying so took action accordingly.

The survey conducted among 3,000 adults in England where the 5p levy got to be law in October discovered 96% of plastic carrier bags were stolen at self service checkouts. These checkouts acts based on the customers honesty and ask if they have taken a bag or not. The study named the North West as the capital of carrier bag theft in England with 22% of those tested confessing to pinching a bag.