Shoppers expected to spend more on festival food this Christmas



UK shoppers are expected to spend more money on festival food this holiday season. Market analysts at Kantar Worldpanel UK, says that the average shopping trip estimation of previous year’s Christmas was at a rate of £71.33. Chris Cowan, consumer insights director at Kantar included that    one in four family units [25%] will spend over £100 on their Christmas shopping.

The analysts expect 66% of shoppers to do their Christmas shopping at the same supermarket store as the previous year. Cowan notes that the recent couple of years have taught Kantar that Christmas is a period for customers to exchange up. The premium end of the business sector has a tendency to do well, with Sainsbury’s and Waitrose regularly developing their sale by 0.1%-0.3%.

Furthermore, the enormous Christmas shop has suited Asda, which additionally sees elevate in its piece of the pie [0.2%]. In any case, of the Big Four – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons – Kantar expects Sainsbury’s will proceed with its business growth, and to see sales picks up this Christmas.

With the growth of the discounters progressively battling for sales, kantar anticipate that they will be pushing a general 10% [UK basic supply market] sales figure this year, up from 8% in 2014. Kantar expects Aldi and Lidl to develop their piece of the pie by a sizeable rate amid Christmas 2015. Then, both Waitrose and The Cooperative are tipped to experience picks up, yet by a littler increment. Iceland’s share is liable to be level, if somewhat lower, amid the holiday sales.

If the situation stays the same, Kantar conjectures the Big Four’s aggregate piece of the overall industry for Christmas 2015 to slip to 72.4% – the most minimal since 2003, when the Big Four included Safeway and not Morrisons.