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German startup announced the acquisition of Zen Shopping. uses Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms to give users a smart browser extension that provides one universal cart (that works on every shop in the US) to checkout everywhere, without registration or login, with just one click. With the acquisition of Zen Shopping, continues to expand on the promise of giving shoppers one cart across the entire web and all their devices.

Jay Habib, CEO of, said “Zen Shopping’s mission of being a smart shopping assistant matches perfectly with our vision for shoppers. With this acquisition we are committed to providing a delightful experience across all e-commerce stores as well as across devices. We are so happy to welcome Zen Shopping users to our family.”

Zen Shopping launched during the holiday shopping season in 2014 and immediately tapped into strong demand among consumers who wanted to shop transparently and quickly across shops.

Antonio Marzo, CEO of Zen Shopping, said “We are delighted with this acquisition knowing that we share the same passion as’s founders; a commitment to a frictionless online shopping experience made it a no-brainer for us. We know our users will be well served with the product.” plans to release a new mobile app in the near future to expand the product line and to serve all users on mobile devices.’s chrome extension is available right now in the google store.

Kimberly Cabot, CPO of, said “Our product roadmap is firmly centered around helping shoppers drive their shopping experience: letting them shop anywhere (on any site), at any time, on any device, without boundaries. Zen Shopping tapped into a very similar need, and we see a great opportunity to join forces to make shopping easier and more transparent.”

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