Shaw’s Supermarket to reassess its policy on donating perishable food



The President of United States Supermarket chain- Shaw’s, said the organization would return to its policy on donating food to communities that work to feed hungry families. Jim Rice, Chief of the Shaw’s supermarket chain, told Congresswoman Chellie Pingree that the organization is focused on offering assistance with local associations. He added that the company would rethink a choice made two years back to stop the project that sent close-to-expiration-food to soup kitchens and food pantries.

Pingree said that she truly value the organization’s decision to review the policy. She included that as a committed organization, Shaw’s help hunger organizations in a number ways. But she hoped they could also find a way to inflate that commitment to the community further by donating food to soup kitchens and food pantries.

In a telephone conversation, Rice likewise told Pingree that any Shaw’s stores that still had plans to give food to neighborhood associations—like ones in Brunswick and Bangor. Pingree said that he was aware of the fact that there were a few stores that have continued to donate perishable food. Now the company has made a commitment to grandfather these. While the company reexamines the policy, they promised that they wouldn’t pull the plug on donations to feeding programs in Brunswick and Bangor.

An expected 40% of food delivered each year in the United States is wasted, in the interim about 50 million individuals battle with hunger. Pingree said if food waste is decreased by only 15% and great quality, wholesome food is diverted to individuals in need; the quantity of hungry Americans could be sliced down the middle. Pingree presented the Food Recovery Act, a far-reaching bundle of legislative recommendations aimed at reducing squandered food and advancing food recuperation in America.