Shares Debenhams, falling to the deep !

Shares Debenhams, falling to the deep !

Many retailers are facing their DO or Die moments, and Debenhams is one of them.

the British multinational retailer shares have decreased by more than 35%  in less than a week! the sharp decrease came due to the poor performance of the retailer’s stores and the decrease in sales.

Shares have decreased from 8.20 GBX on Fri, Nov 9 to 4.61 GBX today at 11:10 A.M to increase again to 6.20 at4:30 and remained stable till P close.

The retailer is passing through a real tough time since two of its suppliers stopped supplying the retailer and a third one reduced the amount.
Debenhams is considered as one of the British retailers that are expected to sink in the sea of debt before the end of 2018.

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