Shaking up the world of ketchup

Shaking up the world of ketchup
The Foraging Fox – New foodie launch has the bottle to be different

Two wily, city high-flyers have swapped briefcases for saucepans to create a brand new kind of ketchup that offers a genuinely delicious alternative to the customary red sauce. The Foraging Fox has started a relish revolution with their mouth-watering, natural and gorgeously vibrant Beetroot Ketchup.

A Cunning Venture Takes Off

From a Family of Foodies
Family is an important part of The Foraging Fox ethos. Pink fingers and puce wall splatters are testament to the fact that Frankie and Desiree’s children have been the chief tasters and assistants during the development process. The company name is a homage to Frankie’s late father, a much-loved plant and fungi expert who was the original Foraging Fox. The business represents the knowledge, respect and passion for nature that Frankie’s father instilled in his family. The Beetroot Ketchup would never have been developed if it wasn’t for the family principle that you don’t waste good food – you just become more inventive with it!

Refining the Recipe
Born from a glut of garden vegetables, the ketchup recipe uses naturally sweet beetroot and apples together with a magical mix of spices. From a simple family favourite, The Foraging Fox’s Beetroot Ketchup recipe has been tinkered with and perfected over three years, thanks to feedback from friends and family. It remains first and foremost: natural, wholesome and delicious.

Celebrating the Power of the Beet
With one and half beetroots in every bottle, everyone can enjoy a healthy relish at mealtimes. Beetroot is loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Studies have suggested that the purple vegetable could help dementia, ease blood pressure, increase fertility and enhance athletes’ performance. The humble root really is a superfood!

Enjoy a Dollop on the Side
Whatever the occasion or the season, there’s always place on the plate for a generous dash of Beetroot Ketchup. Frankie’s family favourites are Scrambled Egg & Smoked Salmon and Bangers & Mash but everyone has their own meal that can’t do without a splodge of Beetroot Ketchup on the side. It can even be used as an ingredient in a salad dressing or as a risotto base.

Serving suggestions include:
• Spring – Hot Smoked Salmon Salad, mixed with a blob of crème fraiche
• Summer – BBQ, burgers, mixed with oil as a salad drizzle
• Autumn – Perfect with bangers and mash
• Winter – With steak, or a base for a warm beetroot soup
• Breakfast/Brunch – Scrambled eggs or in a bacon sandwich
• Lunch – cheers up a cheese on toast, or in a sandwich
• Dinner – Cottage pie or with fish and chips

Future of the Fox
2015 is the year of The Foraging Fox! Last year, Beetroot Ketchup caused a stir when Frankie and Desiree took samples to Speciality & Fine Food Fair. Now the pair are eager to spread the word and build on their successes with a full product launch at this year’s Farm Shop & Deli Show at the NEC in April.

Frankie Fox commented: “It has been a phenomenal feeling to receive such fantastic feedback from people that sample our Beetroot Ketchup! We are looking forward to converting more buyers and consumers to the power of beetroot at events such as The Farm Shop & Deli Show. Launching The Foraging Fox has been an inspirational journey for all the family. This next stage is equally exciting as we start to see our bottles of ketchup on the shelves; we’re convinced that those who try it will never look back.”