Seville oranges arrive in waitrose branches

Seville oranges arrive in waitrose branches

Seville oranges, renowned for their tart taste, arrive in Waitrose branches this week, as the traditional marmalade-making season gets into full swing. Launched earlier than ever before and aavailable until the end of February, Waitrose only stock organic Seville oranges.

In the hills of Andalusia, four miles south of Seville, the Fraga family have been growing Seville oranges since 1935 and supplying Waitrose exclusively for the last 17 years. Dora, the matriarch of the family, has lived on the farm for over 50 years and raised seven children on the 20 hectares of picturesque orange groves.

The aromatic, brightly coloured, bitter oranges grow (without the use of pesticides), picked and brushed, ensuring their organic status is kept intact. This is most crucial for the peel, which gives Seville orange marmalade its famously tangy flavor.

Seville oranges are the ideal fruit for marmalade because they have a high pectin content which helps the marmalade to set. The aromatic fruit is also ideal as the acid component in a salad dressing or ceviche and the zest and juice can be used in custards, cakes and sponge puddings.

Tim Stevens, Waitrose Citrus Buyer says: ‘Seville oranges mark the start of the preserving season and it is something our customers really look forward to. It’s a great time to make the most of this wonderful fruit at its very best. The pungent aroma and bitterness that Seville oranges offer make also make them perfect additions to fish stews instead of lemon or as marinades and sauces for duck or pork.’

Organic Seville oranges are available at Waitrose branches now until the end of February.  Waitrose Cooks’ Ingredients Seville Oranges will cost £2.79 for a 1 kg box or to purchase loose Waitrose organic Seville oranges £2.49/kg.

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