After a suspension wave broke down dozens of dealer accounts last week, and the affected sellers went into riddles about the blocking grounds, it now seems that there is some relief on the horizon. Several traders report since Friday that their accounts have been partially or fully unlocked and they are now allowed to trade on individual country marketplaces or on all of them recorded Amazon presences.

The statement from Amazon for the unlock is similarly poor as the one for the previous suspension – but apparently, Amazon concedes their own errors in the suspension wave. “We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and decided that you should be able to resell to Amazon,” it said in the appropriate mail received by the resellers. “In our efforts to protect our community business partners and service providers, we sometimes mistook ourselves by caution, apologizing for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

We are very curious if Amazon regulates this damage,” said the Amazon seller Michael Meckelein of, whose account was locked for a week or so. “Errors happen, and there are technical difficulties with small and large companies.The loss of revenue is one thing.” What bothers me most is the handling of AmazonWhitepaper with such incidents, especially the lack of communication.Amazon would easily have an info page to say ” We have a technical problem and we can work at high pressure on a solution or something similar. “

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