Scottish Bakeries win supply contracts with Asda

Three Scottish bakeries won supply contracts with Asda for a combined worth of £275,000. Murdoch Allan from Aberdeenshire secured the biggest contract with the supermarket chain. They got the major part of contract which worth more than £150,000. JG Ross and Tower Bakery are the other two Bakeries that will supply products to Asda.

The family-run Aberdeenshire firm enhanced their production team by adding 10 more staffs to increase the production and distribution. Based in Hatton near Peterhead, the company has been producing and distributing products including pancakes and rolls for Asda for more than ten years. There are 47 stores near the north of the border to store more products, said Managing director Paul Allan. He added that the company’s business and profit have amplified after they started doing business with Asda. He also appreciated the support of the supermarket to aid small suppliers in Scotland.

”Asda is steering their business with local neighborhoods and they pay more attention to Scotland based committed clients who have more market, added Aberdeenshire baker JG Ross. These three Scottish bakeries will supply more than 25 products to Asda comprising butteries to brioche. JR Rose will store its produce in 12 stores around the Northern Scotland while Tower bakery will cover ten stores in Fife.

“ Murdoch Allan, JG Ross and Tower Bakery provide high quality products. Buyers will have more fresh and local choice. We have collected the feedback from those who have tested these news products and got fabulously positive reactions. We will continue our journey by working with business to provide more traditional and local choices for shoppers, ” said Brian O’Shea, Asda’s regional buying manager for Scotland.

Asda Stores, an American-owned, British founded supermarket retailer, headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire, has been a subsidiary of the American retail company Walmart since July 1999, and is now the second-largest supermarket chain by market share