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Schools milk contract violates federal code


washoeModel Dairy milk could shortly vanish from public schools because the district violates federal code when it bought the milk at a higher price than another company offered. Federal code says the Washoe County School District must award its milk contract to the lowest dealer. The Washoe County School Board approved Model Dairy’s contract in 2013 even though Anderson Dairy, based in Las Vegas, offered the same services at a lower price.

According to reports obtained by the Reno Gazette-Journal Model Dairy’s original bid was$1.34 million to supply five million cartons of 8-ounce milk and Anderson Dairy bid was $1.19 million that shows 13 percent more for Model Dairy milk.

The school board president Angie Taylor said the district won’t have to by Model Dairy for early contract termination and a new bidding process for the milk contract starting in the 2016-017 school year. She also highlighted that the district ended up negotiating a contract with Model Dairy estimated at $1.186 million, which is $4,000 less annually than Anderson’s original bid.  Federal law ban schools from offering foods and drinks that don’t meet health restrictions.

The Nevada Department of Agriculture is currently auditing the district for its loyalty to these laws, which affect to every item offered to students, including milk. In its ongoing audit, the state discovered that Washoe’s milk contract violated federal code, Taylor acknowledged and they are remedying this situation.

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