eggEstonia and the Netherlands (Hedegaard Foods, Svenska Lantägg, Muna Foods, Koks Munatootmine, and Eggs Posure) will have the same name: Dava Foods. All local consumer brands will continue as holdings of the Dava Foods group in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, – with the exception of the Estonian market, where the previous Tallegg brand will get to be Eggo

Group CEO of Dava Foods, Ivan Noes Jørgensen, remarks: “Today we operate 7 organizations in 5 nations, so the time was a good fit for every one of us to have the same name. The name change makes the synergies inside of the Dava Foods amass all the more instantly obvious to our clients: we can benefit them in a few unique nations, and we work at a level of volume and development that has significant points of interest for them, as well. We go about as a united association, not as stand-alone companies, and our name now mirrors that.”

“While the people who deals straight to Dava Foods will unquestionably see the change, end-clients and buyers won’t see much difference. Every single local brand stay the same; for instance, the eggs supplied by Dava Foods in Denmark will at present be showcased under the local Hedegaard brand. The main customer-oriented change will be found in Estonia, where another brand, Eggo, is presented.”

“Dava Foods is extremely aspiring in its endeavors to advance organic cultivation and food. Every one of these exercises is with respect to our clients’ wishes, and we needed our new logo to mirror our dedication to environmental concerns and animal welfare. Hence the change from blue to green,” says Ivan Noes Jørgensen.

The name Dava Foods has its roots in the Danish co-operative culture, particularly in the two agriculturist possessed agribusiness and feedstuff organizations that claim Dava Foods. This is no occurrence, clarifies Christian Junker, Chairman of Dava Foods.

“Dava Foods is owned by roughly 15,000 Danish agriculturists through the co-operatives Danish Agro and Vestjyllands Andel. By being founded on the initials of the 2 centers, the new name reflects how Dava Foods works inside of all parts of the agribusiness and sustenance segments – from ranch to table.”

The company offers a variety of items including organic eggs, free-range eggs, barn eggs, and enriched cage eggs. Pasteurized items include egg whites, whole eggs and yolks as according to client specific recipies. The group additionally creates boiled, peeled eggs and cooked beaten eggs, in addition to a protein beverage in made out of pure egg whites.


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