Scala shows how to “connect & engage” with customers
Scala shows how to “connect & engage” with customers through mobile devices and apps to bridge the gap between the online and offline world at ISE 2014.

Amsterdam January 28, 2014 – Interaction and omni-channel solutions are at the heart of Scala’s booth at Integrated Systems Europe 2014. Scala will showcase several solutions which encourage visitors to interact by means of tablets, mobile phones and even hand gestures. Visit booth K182 in hall 8 at the RAI exhibition & congress centre in Amsterdam.

Come fly with us
One of the main attractions at the Scala stand is the “Interactive City” which allows visitors to fly through a virtual city exploring several digital signage solutions per industry. Visitors can take a virtual flight into retail, corporate communications, banking and quick service restaurant settings. Experience how digital signage is the connection point in a successful omni-channel experience.

The Connected Store
A dedicated retail area on the stand presents visitors with an engaging, interactive shopping experience. Mobile devices and apps have introduced retailers to an unprecedented level of personalised engagement. By means of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) it is now possible to pinpoint a customer’s location within a store. Scala demonstrates a solution using beacons which can send customers personalised notifications about items near them, items on sale in the store or products of particular interest.  We show how customers can even “connect” their phone to one of the playback screens in the store… 1-on-1 engagement!

“Lift technology” is used with a range of Whisky bottles, displaying relevant information on a screen whenever one of the products is lifted from its spot on the store shelf.

To complete the future view on the retail experience Scala has also included electronic shelf displays. This solution allows store owners to adjust pricing per store-shelf location instantly, with only one click, across many different locations.

Connected Coffee Bar
Ordering and waiting for a coffee to go will be a breeze at Scala’s coffee bar. Order your coffee through a self-service kiosk without the need to remember your ticket number:  A picture is taken when you order. Once the coffee is ready your picture will show up on a screen. Tweet to Win! While you wait for your coffee, participate in the daily prize draw for an iPad mini by tweeting about your favourite solution displayed at the Scala stand.

Analyse & Optimise! See Scala Advanced Analytics in action. This solution can help transform point-of-sale data into actionable insights for maximised sales and operational efficiency. Get the metrics you need to analyse performance. Up-to-the-second transactional data from the Connected Coffee Bar will be analysed on the stand. Combined with user-driven Scala Advanced Analytics and reports, retailers can now make informed decisions much faster.

Award Winning In-Store “Connect & Engage” Solution
One dedicated wall displays an award winning in-store Scala social media solution. Customers of a large travel agency chain post their holiday Instagram pictures, Tweets, and Facebook messages. These are displayed on screens inside the travel agency’s stores, combined with content showcasing great holiday destinations.

Impactful Assistive Selling Tool: Scala Fling. This solution allows store associates to “throw” product movie clips from a catalogue of holiday destination clips on a tablet to a large playback screen with the flick of a finger.

Pick and choose what you want to see – through NFC
Using a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled device, customers can now determine what is displayed on an array of MicroTiles to find more information about the services they are interested in.  This is showcased by enabling visitors to choose between various dynamic solutions. Use your NFC enabled phone and choose:  the award winning multi-zone TV channel of Jyske Bank or the award winning corporate communication solution of a professional multinational services firm.

At the same spot on stand K182 in hall 8 you can test the Scala Gesture Control solution, which uses hand gestures to provide a fun, futuristic shopping experience. Customers can interact with digital displays featuring their favourite products by simply moving their hands in front of a camera.