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Saveco wins the European Quality award and Noor AlQatami as the Best CEO

Saveco Kuwait has received the European Quality award for its commitment to quality standards, leadership and innovation in the continuous pursuit of excellence and leadership, As well Mrs. Noor Faisal Al Qatami, the Chief Executive Officer has been selected as the Best CEO by the Europe Business Assembly, represented by international business communities leaders in business, education and Science.
It is worth mentioning that the Europe Business Assembly is an international Assembly aims to enforce and support the exchange of experience and the development of the economy, education and culture as well as socio areas between European countries. It seeks to develop and implement economic and social growth projects for regions, companies and institutions and provide direct communication between experts, investors, businessmen, governments and local authorities.

The award was announced at a ceremony held in Lucerne, Switzerland, where the Europe Business Assembly President handed over the two awards to the CEO of Saveco Mrs. Noor Al Qatami.
Ms. Noor Faisal AlQatami said, “I dedicate this award to Saveco team that it is the main factor in our company success. We are permanently looking forward to growth and excellence across the region in light of our success and future plans to open new branches in Kuwait and abroad.”
About Saveco
Established in 2013, Saveco is the latest subsidiary of Al-Qatami Group, founded by Mrs. Noor Al Qatami. Saveco is an all-inclusive one of-a-kind one-stop mega market in Kuwait as well as in the region. Our retail stores offer a vast range of products and services. Under the pioneering leadership of the parent company, along with top caliber Managers and dedicated employees, Saveco immediately flourished and played a major role in becoming one of the leading markets in organic and specialty products. The product variety includes top quality supermarket goods, home accessories, electronics and home appliances, fashion apparel, accessories and toys. The variety of services that Saveco offer include the food academy, restaurants, Cafes, Juicing shops, Perfume stores, florists, the kids entertainment area and much more.

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