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Samsung’s new intelligent refrigerator is also a PC, a shopping assistant and much more


The latest refrigerator from Samsung is smart by all means. It comes with a 21.5 inches LCD screen and has many intelligent functions. Samsung turns the refrigerator in a real “family hub,”- which is rightly named as.  The new refrigerator has a smart device able to communicate remotely with your smart phone and provide advanced digital services. At first glance it reveals all its qualities: four doors, one of which is equipped with 21.5-inch touch screen LCD (1080p) and buttons reminiscent of Android terminals.

Samsung said in its official statement that the internal camera system allows the display remotely via smart phones. In practice this would allow you to see what is missing in your refrigerator when you shop in a supermarket. Also planned is an app that can alert when some food stuffs stored in the refrigerator has finished. One could order the stuff from the comfort of their home, which for time being would only be available in Korea only.

Since the refrigerator could be connected to the Internet, it can also act as a standard PC. One can go online, see recipes, manage emails and send messages. The speakers are used for music broadcasting. The price and all the functional details have not yet been revealed. The new refrigerator will be unveiled in a press conference scheduled in Las Vegas.

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