Sales surge in fresh fruit and veg following health study

Sainsbury’s fresh fruit and veg category has enjoyed double digit growth over the last couple of days in the wake of this week’s study findings from Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, which suggested we increase the amount of fruit and vegetables we eat from five a day to at least seven.

Charlotte Rhodes, Sainsbury’s Head of Produce, said: “We’ve long been committed to helping customers to eat their 5 a day and it seems that this new study has sparked some new enthusiasm for the challenge. They are certainly taking full advantage of our new 69p promotion which we’re running across a range of different produce from every day carrots to more exotic aubergines. We’re happy to help customers add more fresh fruit and veg to their baskets without sacrificing on value.”

Since the story broke on Tuesday, stand out performers have been:

Fine Beans +116%
Celery +116%
Onions +95%
Carrots +69%
cucumber +46%
Red Peppers +41%