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Sainsda’s request for more time has been rejected by CMA


The UK’s second and third giant supermarket retailers have submitted a request to the CMA asking for more 11 working days to respond to “a large amount of material recently provided to us”.

 The companies claimed that the scheduled timetable will not provide  enough time neither for the companies nor for the CMA to conciser the evidences and study the case. The additional 11 working days during Christmas time -according to the companies- will allow them to have the ability to respond to the large amount of material provided to them.

CMA claims that is is risky to give it more time 

  The reason of refusing their request of delaying the decision goes back to the fact that giving more time may put the investigation at risk, “If we gave the companies the extra time they are now asking for, it would put our ability to complete the investigation by the required deadline at very serious risk.” CMA spokesperson .

 According to CMA they are investigating whether this merger would make customers face higher prices or a lower quality, and it looks to give customers a word in this merger. CMA spokesperson added: “As with all of our merger reviews, we construct our timetable to ensure that everyone has the chance to have their say, including customers, the companies involved and suppliers.”

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