Sainsbury’s recall Bread Products over fears of metal contamination


Shoppers are warned not to use the wholemeal bread bought from the English supermarket chain Sainsbury’s after traces of metal fragment were found in the bread. Sainsbury’s have asked customers who purchased these breads to return the loaves to the stores for a full refund.

The supermarket was forced to recall its own brand 45p Sliced Wholemeal Bread after the Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirmed the presence of traces of metal in the loaves which could pose a potential health risk. The grocery store confirmed that it would be recalling Wholemeal Bread Medium Sliced and Thick Sliced loaves with immediate effect. The 800g loaves have January 19th as the “best before” date.

Apart from the aforementioned, no other products have been affected, the company said in an announcement. A spokesperson for the supermarket titan said that the company, as a precautionary measure, decided to recall some of its bread products after it found ‘possible presence’ of tiny pieces of metals in these loaves. Those who return the bread loaves they purchased from Sainsbury’s to the nearest store could avail a full refund.  The supermarket store also apologized for all the inconvenience this recall has caused for its shoppers.