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Sainsbury’s is having one of its best years


While all eyes are on the new deals and discounts of the season and the unbearable deals retailers offer, there shines a light spot on the second biggest supermarket retailer witch is working in silence , but with results worth to mention .

Sales at Sainsbury’s have been markedly increasing its revenues during the past three years to go beyond £30bn this year as expected.
However the second biggest supermarket retailer in UK Sainsbury’s did not offer any special deals during the whole year , it was able to maintain its domination and position basing on its collaborative strategies with other retailers either by merges or by making specific spaces for other retailers products.

According to some analysis made by By Emma Simpson, BBC News business correspondent, this accomplishment came due to many factors , including the game changer merge with Asda (which Sainsbury’s said they are confident with or without the Asda deal) , another important deal is bringing to its stores Agros products which was described to be a smart move .

The declared results are still early to be called final and the only way to know is by waiting till the release of the results of the second half of the year .

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