Sainsbury’s introduces Brand Match online

Sainsbury’s introduces Brand Match online

Sainsbury’s is rolling out its successful Brand Match scheme to online orders from Wednesday 19th August, as part of its longstanding commitment to ensure it offers customers great value on grocery brands.

Market-leading technology ensures price match with
Mirrors in store experience for online customers
Price matching against thousands of items, it guarantees that customers will not pay more for their online shop of identical branded groceries than they would at* With Sainsbury’s delivering, on average, nearly 215,000 online orders per week, this is the next step in making sure that Brand Match is the most widely recognised and trusted price matching scheme by UK customers.

Just like shopping in-store, customers will receive confirmation that their online branded basket was better value at Sainsbury’s than Asda or, if not, they will receive a money-off Brand Match coupon that can be redeemed against their next online shop.

Robbie Feather, Director of Online at Sainsbury’s, said: “Customers want to have peace of mind that they are getting good value as well as great Sainsbury’s quality. With Brand Match now available online, customers can be reassured that we’re checking prices and doing the maths for them, online as well as in-store. We’re committed to putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. Launching Brand Match online is part of the extensive work we’ve been doing to improve our website and our online service, being there for our customers whenever and wherever they want. This is good news for our shoppers and another important step in the growth of our £1bn online business.”

Last year (financial year 14/15) Sainsbury’s issued over 230 million Brand Match coupons with over half showing a comparable branded shop was cheaper at Sainsbury’s compared to Asda.

The introduction of Brand Match online follows a trial in Northern Ireland where it has been overwhelmingly well received by shoppers since its introduction.

Sainsbury’s Brand Match Online Overview

Sainsbury’s is committed to ensuring customers don’t pay more for their branded grocery basket than they would at Asda or
*The online extension of Sainsbury’s Brand Match scheme gives the difference back to the shopper as a coupon code, up to a maximum of £10, if a comparable branded grocery basket is cheaper at on the same day.
*Shoppers simply need to buy 10 or more different items, including at least one comparable branded grocery item, to benefit from Sainsbury’s Brand Match online.
The industry leading technology behind Sainsbury’s Brand Technology reviews the prices of thousands of branded grocery products at overnight.
Grocery brands that are on special promotional deals on will be included in Brand Match providing the appropriate number of items are bought (e.g. to match against an buy one get one free offer you would need to have two of the same items in your basket at Sainsbury’s). Category wide promotions are excluded.
Coupons will be valid for online shopping delivered up to 14 days from the issue date and can be redeemed at Sainsbury’s online.