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Sainsbury’s has the quickest queue among the UK supermarkets

If you are in a hurry it is better to stay away from Asda. According to newly released survey figures the Walmart owned British supermarket Asda has the longest queuing times among the big five supermarkets in the UK. Sainsbury’s was found to be the quickest for queues with a queuing time to one minute and 40 seconds.

The survey by The Grocer magazine found Asda to have a queuing time of two minutes and 14 seconds. The survey took inputs from various mystery shoppers based on their weekly outings to supermarkets. This includes car parking, store layout, availability of items, out of stock goods, queuing times and shop floor service.

Tesco came second in the lineup list with a queuing time of one minute and 51 seconds followed by Morrisons at one minute and 55 seconds. Waitrose was better than Asda with a waiting time of one minute and 59 seconds.

Sainsbury’s topped of all other supermarkets on the time spend at the till while the shopping items were scanned with an average time of three minutes, 43 seconds. Tesco came second with a waiting time of three minutes and 54 seconds and Morrisons at three minutes and 59 seconds. Asda came last in the list taking four minutes and 14 seconds for when it comes to time spend at checkouts.  Checkout times at all supermarkets were slightly quicker in 2016 compared to the previous year.

The Grocer said: “The recent revival among the traditional supermarkets has been rooted in major improvements in service and availability. The top five supermarkets all improved their in-store performances compared with the previous year.”

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