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Sainsbury’s Brockley cat Olly comes back; goes viral

catAfter two months break, the Sainsbury’s cat in Brockley has returned to shelves and now it becomes an internet celebrity. The feline named Olly was hit the headlines in November as the customers spotted it in the stores shelves. Due to security reason staff routinely removes the cat from the shop but it come back to its position and again causing a stir on social media.

The cat Olly believed to have lived near the shop and its owner Adam Oliver said that the cat was around six years old. Olly was often caught in camera with cranky look and become popular among local residents.

Sainsbury’s in Brockley said that Olly was a health and safety risk. The spokesperson adds that the cat lives in the next door and he is in here every day, all time. He is not allowed to be here, the staff like him very much, but there is a health and safety risk”

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