Sainsbury’s Booze Experiences Price Hike

One of the top supermarkets in the world has taken a surprising decision and has risen the price of its own brand. Yes. Sainsbury’s own alcohol experiences a price hike. However, this relieves a number of retailers selling booze at high rates.

Studies have revealed that all the bottles of two dozen 75cl and jumbo pack 150cl, the red and white wine’s by Sainsbury experience price hike between one and six per cent leading to end of cheap booze. However it has yet not been cleared that for how long the stores can operate with almost no profit.

Although, the trade journals indicate that the growing import costs would lift up the prices. It has also been discovered that the budget of Sainsbury’s spirits and cider has risen approximately by one to five per cent. The supermarket has stated that several factors affect the price hike which will show a fluctuation both up and down.