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Sainsbury selling more dog food despite its feline Mog


Vernon Davis, the Purchasing Manager for Pet Care at Sainsbury’s told that they are left scratching their heads to see feline owners being put to disgrace by liberal dog owners in this festival season! Particularly as we’re especially defensive of our own Mog who is the star of our Christmas advert this season! What’s more, it’s not simply shows – offers of our premium pet food products – The Delicious Collection, have expanded 55% for puppies this month when compared with a 26% elevate in feline choices and this is a pattern that proceeds from previous year. So puppies are exceeding at lunch as well!

Fortunately for our feline companions, it’s not very late as this Christmas is set to be the greatest ever for pet treats and presents there’s still time for felines over the UK to win on Christmas Day. Toys for four legged individuals from the family keep on rising consistently with a 10% increase and the Sainsbury’s pet gifts mileage is greater than any time.

Vernon Davis concluded that with just two days left until Christmas, we are making a request to the greater part of Mog’s fans to treat her relatives the nation over with affection this happy time. Canine owners are driving the path on all areas so far, yet there is still time for feline darlings to get up to the mark.

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