Sainsbury ‘s introduces cargo bike deliveries for the first time

Sainsbury offers bikes to carry out its deliveries for the first time in its whole span of 116 years. Shoppers will be able to order up to 20 items in one slot via the supermarket’s app Chop Chop. The delivery will be made by cargo bike within an hour. The service cost around 4.99 per delivery, but for now it is available in parts of west and south London and it is limited to iPhone users only. Sainsbury’s has already recruited a team of 40 shoppers and cyclists to run the show.

It told in a statement that the app will be useful for buying especially forgotten items, or for when the guests are making a surprise visits or when they are invited in the 11th hour. After a very successful trial, the service had delivered orders over 35,000 postcodes from its Pimlico and Wandsworth stores. The service can be compared with Deliveroo or Just Eat, but the key difference is that the riders will be on-rolls of Sainsbury’s, rather than ‘freelance’ workers whom are paid per delivery.

The new service will make Sainsbury’s the only retailer to offer delivery within an hour. It will be rolled out along the length and breadth of London if the app- based service proves to be popular. In a press statement, the retailer added that it also has plans to roll out an Android version of the app.