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Sainsbury Joins Asda & Aldi in Ban on High Caffeine Drinks

Sainsbury Supermarket decides to join Aldi and Asda in their noble thought to keep products that contain high levels of caffeine away from youngster’s. The supermarket would ask for an ID proof to anyone who seems to be under the age of sixteen and is willing to purchase a soft drink containing caffeine more than 150 mg per litre from first of March.

In support of this any soft drink with those level’s of caffeine would have a label stating a warning ‘not suitable for children’ as drinks like Monster energy and Red bull have become extremely popular in youngster in recent years and have begun new trends.

An increase of over a hundred and eighty five per cent in sales of these drinks have been recently recorded, leaving the industry with a turnover of more than 2 billion euro’s. However one can contains Caffeine as much as in two espresso shots leading to health issues.

Regular consumption of such drinks lead to concentration and dietary problems. The ban would come across all stores around 646 by first of March. All of these supermarkets have decided to take responsibility as retailer’s and offer the right choice by doing the right thing.


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