An Australian beer manufacturing company owned by SABMiller is cautioning shoppers about recalling more than one million beer bottles on the fear that the item could contain broken glass. Something like this is very rare; however the company said it has great concerns on the safety of its customers and hence ordered a recall.

After around a dozen complaints came into Carlton and United about a chip in the glass beer bottles, Carlton needed to issue a review of the large amount of the brew bottles concerned. The organization did not give any data on the careful way of the issue which has brought about the review.

The recall is for one batch of beer made in Yatala, Queensland, in October. All beers checked “3” on the crates or “3A” or “3B” on containers and have expiration dates between July 19 and 20, 2016 will be pulled back. The beer was created in October of past year in Queensland at the Carlton and United bottling works. Carlton and United, obtained in 2011 by SABMiller, issued an announcement uncovering that it had reviewed its beer because of an unspecified issue happened while in packing.

The recall likewise exhibited an unwelcome diversion for SABMiller as it tries to win over controllers around the world for a proposed $106 billion buyout by adversary Anheuser-Busch InBev. The beer could have been sold at different outlets including Woolworths’ Dan Murphys and BWS, and Wesfarmers’ First Choice and Liquor Land.


Carlton United, which likewise claims brands like VB, Fosters, Crown and Cascade, offers around 10 million 24-bottle cases of Carlton Dry each year.


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