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Rothwood Row Introduces Magical Bath Time for Christmas


This Christmas you will be able to give the gift of comfort and fun with a magical twist thanks to Rothwood Row with their new Magical bath time toys and gift sets that include handmade vegan soaps and bath bombs from Space City Soaps.

There are mermaids, unicorns, and of course, barrels of fun and monkeys to play with this Christmas. All are 100% cotton made in the USA for the best quality.

Molly Mermaid comes by herself or in a gift set that includes three soaps, two bath bombs and two bubble bath cakes which makes a fabulous gift by itself! This gift-set could be given to any age, adults and children alike. Molly is approximately 11” tall and is embroidered with blue, pink, or yellow to give her delightful color. She is a sweet little girl with loads of hair and personality. Great for a bath toy or just for regular play, she is a seriously cute doll. As a gift-set, she comes with a large, braided basket to keep her and your bath things in.

Princess is a sweet little unicorn in pink and blue that comes either alone or as a gift-set ready to go for gifting. Adorably poised and able to be used as a washcloth as well as a toy, Princess is ready to go for fun. In the gift-set, she comes with two bath bombs, two bubble baths and two soaps. As a gift-set, she comes in a delightful wooden box to carry the bath things for years to come.

Royal is a proud unicorn in purple and green who comes alone or as a gift-set with a lidded woven basket to carry or keep your things. Royal can double as a toy and as a washcloth and is a really lovely gift. He comes in a gift set with two bath soaps, two bubble baths, and two bath bombs for your enjoyment.

Maurice is another toy that can double as a washcloth, and also comes alone or in a gift-set with a keeper basket. His basket is the Barrel of Monkeys and comes with two soaps and a bath bomb. The “That’s Bananas,” bath bomb from Space City Soaps makes for a really unique bath time as while the bath bomb is yellow, the fizz that it creates is a variety of colors! Lots of fun!

All products made by Rothwood Row are hand-made by Heather McCormick in Monroe, Virginia. Heather has been crocheting for over 25 years and has a variety of toys available through which will also include the above toys and gift-sets. All products by Space City Soaps are hand-made by Phoebe Seward in Houston, Texas. Phoebe Seward has been making handmade soaps, bath bombs, and bubble baths for 3 years and has a wide variety of products available through her site at and enjoy your shopping experience.

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