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Rosewholesale announces a new package tracking feature


Rosewholesale announced a new package tracking feature that has a new built in message function that provides customers real time updates on the status of their packages.  Regardless if a package is on route to a shopper’s home, or back to the Rosewholesale for return the shopper wants to know its status. Rosewholesale has taken this into consideration and have now released a new “My Message” function to its website. The new feature will send customers real time information about when products are shipped, if a return has been received and more.  Customers on the APP and in the United States will have a similar shipping reminder function built right in. Once a product is shipped the app will deliver a notification to the person phone letting them know. Both the browser and app function will eliminate people from having to open their emails and check tracking codes.

Rosewholesale just completed a successful round of holiday sales through its Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions however with Christmas approaching the website is looking to make even more sales while testing the new my message function further. With this in mind Rosewholesale and its sister site Twinkledeals will be holding a Christmas promotion. Both sites are offering a Christmas lottery where each order will enter a customer to win great prizes. Twinkledeals looks to take things further with a Christmas preview sale; all products in the promotion are $19.99 or less. Dresslily the other sister site of the Twinkledeals and Rosewholesale will be starting its own Christmas sale at a later date.

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