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Romania’s Vascar to Double its Meat Production

One of the largest manufacturers of sausages and canned meat in Romania, Vascar has reported plans to twofold its output by 2017 thereby escalate its sales growth by RON 130 million (€29.2 million).  The company, which also owns a network of 20 stores in Romania, plans to extend the current stores by five new outlets for every year, says Vlad Ciuburciu, Vascar Marketing Director.

All the more particularly, the organization’s portfolio involves salami, pates, hotdogs and other processed pork meat items. Notwithstanding Vascar’s own retail stores in the Romanian market, Vascar’s items are also accessible at about 10,000 retail outlets the nation over. The meat processor possesses an office situated in Vaslui, in Romania’s northeastern part.

“Our processing office in Vaslui has more than 300 workers,” said Ciuburciu.   Sixty five percent of the Company’s total sales are generated from trading sausages. “We have a wide variety of products which includes canned meat items and hotdogs. A part of Vascar’s items are likewise intended for export markets as well.” On the local market, the products are sold under the brand Vascar and Moldova in bucate”.

According to the latest records, the company appraisal for current year is about RON 65 million. In 2014 the firm recorded sales revenue of RON 60 million (€13.5 million). This would speak to an increment of more than 8.3 percentage. The own production is completed by private label. “We have 20 stores and a branch in Moldova,” Vlad Ciuburciu, the Marketing director at Vascar company, owned by the Ciuburciu family, told local business daily Ziarul Financiar.

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