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Romania to amend law asking supermarkets to sell 51% local food

The European Commission officially launched an infringement procedure against Romania on legislation which requires large retailers and supermarkets to sell at least 51% of local food. Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture of the Chamber of Deputies, Ioan Munteanu said that the three articles will be modified and a debate on these articles will be conducted in two weeks’ time.

“It is up to us to make these changes if we are able. We have already started consultations with all the beneficiaries of the law. We want to synthesize something and finally to call and propose alternatives. We believe that in two weeks we will do a debate on these items. We have solutions to amend them, “said Munteanu .

The European Commission decided that the law adopted by Parliament in June 2016 violates European law on the free movement of goods. Moreover, the law also provides that retailers must promote the products of Romanian origin, which may restrict the power to decide on special offers, said the EU executive.

According to the Commission, the authorities in Romania have not provided sufficient grounds to demonstrate that legislative provisions are justified and proportionate. Romania has two months to reply to the arguments presented by the Commission can.

The European Commission considers that amendments to the Parliamentary Law 321/2009 on food marketing are “a direct violation of the principle of free movement of goods”. EU officials considered that, although the law does not prohibit the marketing of imported goods, it restricts the quantity criterion, freedom of movement of European products, forcing retailers to source more local market.

Romanian authorities said the retail market in Romania is one with a high concentration high enough, characterized by the existence of an asymmetry between those involved, on the one hand international retailers large and, on the other hand, small producers or food suppliers. The latter were affected by the difficult economic environment of recent years, the economic crisis and Russia’s embargo which highlighted weaknesses food chain.

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